xDai Stable Chain
the first ever USD-Stable Blockchain

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Use Cases

xDai Chain applications provide everyday users with fast transactions and extremely low gas prices. Since the xDai Stable Chain is Ethereum compatible, data and assets can be transferred seamlessly to the Ethereum mainnet providing backend safety and limitless opportunities to scale. This synergy between stability, speed, security and scalability opens the door for many exciting applications and new use cases.

Peer to peer payments

Peer to Peer Payments

Thanks to xDai, sending money to a friend, relative or vendor is fast, cheap and easy. It’s also stable - the value of xDai is pegged to the US dollar. Peer to peer (P2P) payments on the blockchain can replace the current expensive, slow, bank-driven processes that dominate online payment systems today. It’s already happening - click on the case studies to see xDai P2P in action.

Case Studies

Success Factors

Burner Wallet

Burner Wallet provides a quick and simple interface for carrying and exchanging small amounts of spending crypto using a mobile browser.


A stable coin launched by Maker that collateralizes Ethereum to maintain a consistent $1 valuation for each circulating stable coin.

Stable Platform

Stable platform for Smart Contracts

When transaction fees and speeds are a known quantity, developers can plan and execute accordingly. A responsive UX, micropayments, and predictable cross-chain interactions are all possible within a stable ecosystem.

Case Studies

Success Factors


The xDai token is pegged to Dai, providing a stable asset for all smart contract interactions. Fixed fees mean 1000s of transactions can be performed for less than $1.

Anonymous & Private Transactions

xDai’s primary use case is peer-to-peer payments. Just as with cash, privacy should be an option when exchanging money or paying vendors for services. It doesn't matter if you are sending money to a relative or your local butcher, you should have the freedom to choose for any transaction to remain anonymous.

Introducing POA20 xDai Privacy Fund - 100,000 Dai
40,000 Dai

The xDai Privacy Fund has provided $40,000 Dai in funding so far. This fund is a development grant provided by the xDai team for implementing Zero Knowledge proofs and private transactions into xDai based applications. Developers with desire to implement ZK proofs into their xDai applications can learn and apply for the grant now.
xDai Privacy Fund



Poketto is an xDai mobile wallet designed with simplicity in mind. Using Poketto, users can pay for everyday items and send money to friends using the xDai Stable Chain. Once the AZTEC protocol implementation is complete, Poketto will provide private and secure transaction options for users.

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Success Factors

Implement Private Transactions

Zero-knowledge (zk) proofs allow users to send private blockchain transactions. By integrating zk protocols into existing wallet functionality, transactions can be validated while remaining encrypted and completely anonymous.


White Paper

xDai Stable Chain brings delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) to Ethereum. The white paper describes all aspects of this new consensus protocol, called POSDAO consensus, including a complete overview of the theory, rationale, security, and a detailed implementation section. This is the xDai Stable Chain operator’s manual - download now to learn how it works and why we need it!

Native Stable Coin

A stable coin provides peace of mind. Predictable currencies allow buyers and sellers to exchange value without the risks of volatility. In the xDai Stable Chain implementation, transactions are conducted using xDai, a stable coin pegged one-to-one with Dai. Because transactions occur on a bridged sidechain, they are extremely fast and inexpensive.

Stable Coin

Bridges to Ethereum

Two bridges connect xDai Stable Chain to the Ethereum mainnet, supporting seamless two-way asset transfer between chains. Tokens are acquired on the mainnet, then bridged to the xDai Stable Chain sidechain using either the Dai-xDai bridge for transactional tokens, or the DPOS bridge for staking tokens. Once a user is finished transacting or staking, tokens can be bridged back to the mainnet with ease.


xDai Stable Chain is natively supported by multiple wallets and services. Thanks to these wallets, it’s simple to store, make purchases, and to interact with smart contracts. Multiple wallets cater to different user groups including developers, consumers and hodlers. Check out the growing list of services and freely available wallets below.


Explorer with Staking App

The xDai Stable Chain explorer is built right into BlockScout, an open-source Ethereum block explorer. In addition to viewing xDai Stable Chain blocks and transactions, this tool features an intuitive interface for staking directly from the browser! The explorer makes it easy to delegate tokens to different validators, move, deposit or withdraw stake, or even declare validator candidacy. A transparent leaderboard provides a wealth of information on current and inactive validator sets.


Multichain Staking Token

POA Network is creating the framework for a new multichain staking mechanism. This original concept will establish the DPOS token ($DPOS) as a primary staking token available for use on numerous networks. The initial DPOS deployent will occur on the xDai Stable Chain. As additional stake-based chains and networks are configured and launched, the DPOS token will be transferable via the TokenBridge, providing users the opportunity to place DPOS token stakes across multiple networks.

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Benefits for POA Core Token

POA Network and the R&D team have contributed to the genesis, formation, and ongoing evolution of xDai. In appreciation of the involved effort and resources, POA token holders will have the option to participate in multichain staking token ($DPOS) reward distribution incentives following the xDai network protocol update.

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